I love eating, and I love cooking. I love everything about food- looking at it, smelling it, storing it, and giving it. Cooking is better than any therapy in the world- it relaxes my mind and makes me feel happy inside. Inviting friends over for dinner, seeing their happy faces with stuffed mouths and then giving them all the leftovers to go are one of the best moments in life.For years, I was in chronic pain, had unbearable stomach issues and frequent headaches. I’ve been diagnosed with gluten allergy only three years ago. At first I was afraid that I would be chained to tasteless food for the rest of my life. But you know what? My life got so much better! For some time, I stayed away not only from gluten, but also from dairy, red meats, poultry and all processed food. I started buying strictly organic fruits and vegetables and spent endless amount of time reading all about nutrition.

I gave up gluten, but not the taste. My diet forced me to be creative and I completely fell in love with creating new gluten- free recipes. And now, I would love to share them with you! I believe in “let thy food be thy medicine,” and that health and wellness goes with moderation. It is absolutely ok to eat some junk food time to time, go out for drinks and enjoy that hangover comfort food. In my opinion, deprivation diets don’t work. Making your diet your lifestyle is the key to nourished, healthy, happy body.

I graduated from Columbia University in New York with Masters in International Affairs and Economic Development in May 2014. Now I live in Prague, Czech Republic, working on a lot of awesome projects that allow me to travel often.

Traveling is my drug, my passion, my escape, my inspiration. I love trying out new cuisines and flavor combinations I wouldn’t otherwise think of!

More than anything I want this blog to show that there is nothing scary about being gluten-free, and that it can be delicious even if you are a hard core foodie.

Come join me on my journey through healthy, delicious, satisfying recipes!